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Mini Facelift, Temporal Lift, Brow Lift

Mini Facelift : The operation will be done under local anesthesia combine with oral tablet of sleeping drug. The operation takes time about 5-6 hours, no pain. The incision will be done in front of and behind the ears both sides, the scar will be fine line in front of the ears and a little bit behind the ears which will be fade and difficult to see after 3-6 months. This procedure will tighten the lower face that sagging and also improve the neck skin that sagging too. The stitches will be removed after one week. The patient should stay in Phuket about 8-9 days.

Temporal lift :
This procedure will be done in front of the hair line at temporal area to tighten the skin and lift the upper cheek and the tail of the brow up. This also will be done under local anesthesia.

Brow lift : This procedure will remove the skin above the brow, so after we close the wound, the brow will be lift up higher, and the incision scar will stay just above the hair of the brow. This procedure will improve the brow that sagging and also improve the upper eyelid that sagging too.

If you are interested to do the Mini facelift, temporal Lift or Brow Lift with me please send the photographs of your face for me to see then I can give you the suggestion about surgery better.

Price of surgery : Mini Facelift and Neck Lift 120,000 Baht
                                  Temporal Lift 30,000 Baht

This price includes everything: surgeon fee, operation, local anesthesia, medicines, stitch off and follow up. Payment by cash Thai currency. 

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